Friday, January 3, 2014

Hammer it Out

Sensationally Smithed Stainless Steel with Eye Catching Sheen.
Timeless Form & Function in Every Decorative, yet Durable Piece.

Images from Hammer it Out

Artist: Megan Russell
Expertise: Metal Work
Materials: Stainless Steel / Hammers / Strength
Forms: Bowls, Bookends, Kitchenware, Planters, Decor
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Austin Craft Riot 2nd Annual Summer Show 2013

Thanks to Megan Russell's step by step process, in her hands, stainless steel becomes unique works of art for the home, office and garden that stand the test of time, cold formed and thus as strong as the impression they make. With an idea in mind, she cuts and polishes the metal she intends to use, some heated to achieve a hint of color and all 60% recycled. Then she hammers and bends these scraps to bring her vision to life.

Each handmade piece is individual, but imbued with Megan's characteristic style. Whether it is a kitchen or desk accessory or planter for outdoors, Megan's work is uniquely beautiful and functional, the mark of a true craft. The polish on her metals creates surface texture that is almost shiny, but fully reflective of thoughtful effort. That's what first caught my attention. She obtains a sheen I've rarely seen. The waves and curves she creates also standout for the movement they convey despite the durable material that took lots of strength to reshape. For this artist, dedication to her art is partly about honoring the tradition of metalsmithing and partly about making it all her own, bending it to her will.

Photos by Annie Winsett