Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kinetic Sculpture

Sculptural Installations that are Nowhere Near Static.
Works of Wind-Powered Art Designed to Engage & Interact.

Name: Andrew Carson
Expertise: Sculpture
Additional Talents: Photography / Mechanics
Materials: Metal, Electronics & Colorful Glass
Common Forms: Fanciful, Large Scale Whirligigs
Inspiration: Mother Nature & the Power of Wind
Social Media: [Facebook]
Home Base: Seattle, WA
Spotted At: Art City Austin 2013

Andrew Carson's vision is one of melding two seemingly opposite concepts as they relate to sculptural art. Inspired by the way Wind, the epitome of Movement, interacts with its surrounding Landscape, both Solid and Static, he makes decorative Whirligigs that are Functional as well Beautiful. Many of his pieces feature a mix of metals and colorful glass. He may also build in some clever mechanics to help acheive the desired movement when sparked by the wind. Who would have guessed that you could find a foundation (and inspiration) in bicycle repair, later to engineer interactive works of art? That is only one of the many unique sources that contributed to the kinetic creations Carson comes up with. Just a few moments watching one of these artful weathervane-like sculptures, and you can easily see the marriage of Form and Functionality, Art and Interactivity.

Photos by Annie Winsett