Thursday, January 30, 2014

Niki Gulley

Playing with Perspective through Paint, Light and Color.
Color to Convey Emotion and Energy Found in Nature.

Images from Niki Gulley

Artist: Niki Gulley
Expertise: Painting
Materials: Oil Paint & Canvas / Brush & Palette Knife
Additional Talents: Pastel / Art Direction / Teaching
Style: Impressionism (Modernized)
Inspiration: Nature / Travel / Life's Journey
Subject Matter: Flowers, Trees, Buildings in Nature
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Blog]
Home Base: Dallas, TX (when not traveling)
Spotted At: Art City Austin 2013

Painting is typically thought of as a two dimensional medium ... unless the artist adds texture with intention. Most types of paint lay flat on paper or canvas ... unless applied with varying degrees of thickness to add another level, a tangible third dimension often inspired by the intangible. Emotion and Movement for example, can both be captured in globs of richly colorful paint, and that is exactly Niki Gulley's objective. At times, she has even likened her style to a combination of Painting and Sculpture. I guess that's why she relies as heavily upon a paintbrush as a palette knife. Many of her pieces have texture you can feel without even touching the canvas.

Thanks to her many travels and a photographer husband, Niki Gulley has a wealth of experiences from which her visions come. Inspired by the Impressionist style, this painter finds the most meaningful subject matter in nature: Trees priced by Sunlight, Rippling Waters, Fields of wind-graced Flowers or Grains. I would argue, however, that she is modernizing this classic style with her own flair. Gulley is not shy with her hues. The color choices she makes are vibrant, but not untrue to real life. They are simply stronger to convey Energy and Emotion. Her passion for painting clearly shines through. As an added bonus, this artist is also a teacher. If you are intrigued by her technique, you can sign up to try your hand at a similar style close to home or abroad on one of her artist treks. It was hard to pick just a few favorite paintings to share. The below texture close ups were captured at a local Austin art show, and I definitely recommend exploring her site for more.

Photos by Annie Winsett