Thursday, February 20, 2014

Animal Sleep Stories

Illustrations of Imaginary Characters in Dreamlike Worlds.
Artful Whimsy for "Kids" of All Ages to Explore & Reminisce.

Images from Animal Sleep Stories

Artist: Daria Tessler
Expertise: Illustration & Silkscreen Printing
Materials: Ink, Recycled Paper, Silkscreens, Transparencies, Lightbox
Style: Line Drawings & Prints of Dreamlike Scenes
Subject Matter: Creatures & Scenery Mixed with Imagination
Common Creations: Prints, Stationery & a Book or Two
Shop Online: [Etsy]
Social Media: [Blog]
Home Base: Portland, OR
Spotted At: Union Square Holiday Market

Daria Tessler has found her artistic home in Illustration, producing memorable line drawings and prints. Thanks to a unique vision and dedicated technique, what often start as basic "sketches" are anything, but simple. In fact, many are quite detailed, with a wide range of patterns and colors used to build the full image. Drawings come together with each line, dot or dash like a puzzle. And her work in silkscreening means adding countless layers upon layers to arrive at the final work. While this artist shows a full appreciation for color, its fascinating how she chooses which ones to feature in each print. Instead of using a whole spectrum to add depth to each drawing or print, she appears to be more discriminant. As a whole, her collection shows a preference for Reds, Yellows and Blues outlined in black with pops of other hues. Along with subject matter, this contributes to a whimsical and characteristic style all her own.

Each illustrations features a different dreamlike scene with creatures that are often reminiscent of animals we know and love, but with an imaginary twist. Be it a bear, a bird, a fish or a dinosaur, these fun characters are usual personified, wearing clothes, walking upright and acting as humans like in a dream. Some are even part human, with halves of both species. I guess that's how this artist chose her brand. What is a Sleep Story if not a Dream? Despite the subject matter, these are not childish works of art. They are fun for adults and kids alike. Exhibit the artist's flair for capturing the transience of imagination, they invite you in to enjoy and explore.