Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chet Art

Digitally Drawn Comic Portraits of Famous Figures & Animals Personified.
Illustration with Irony. Masterpieces with Mystery. Sketches with Stories.

Images by Chet Phillips

Artist: Chet Phillips
Expertise: Digital Illustration
Additional Talents: Painting / Drawing
Materials: Design Software, Paper, Humor & Imagination
Style: “Digital Woodcuts”
Inspiration: Humor & Mystery
Subject Matter: Animals / Pop Culture Icons
Online Shops: [Etsy] Illustrations  &  [Etsy] Nightlights
Social Media: [Facebook]  [LinkedIn]  [Behance]  [Blog]
Home Base: Austin, Texas
Spotted At: Blue Genie Art Bazaar 2012 & 2013

Do Art and Humor mix? Of course! Think Comics: At their best, they tell a story through illustration and a dose of mockery. The graphics have the dual purpose of showing AND telling the viewer something about the situation depicted. I am a firm believer that Art should carry a message, and Comedy can be as much an artful talent as Illustration. The work of local Austin artist Chet Phillips is a wonderful example of the marvelous marriage of Art and Humor. His pictures are each worth a thousand words for the stories they tell via imagery and irony.

Chet is fearless on many levels: 1) His willingness to dabble in digital drawing before this medium became all the rage, 2) His successful recreation styles of illustration that are usually quite manual, and 3) His affinity for all things Ironic, Comic and Sarcastic. He doesn’t shy away from Symbolism. When he depicts a Cat, Dog or Monkey, and he has drawn many, you can bet there is a tale (and a tail) behind each portrait. This artist's favorite subject matter appears to range from animals acting like both animals and people as well as popular "Nerd Pop Culture" figures. And yet, the stories aren’t the only secret to his greatness. The unique and one-of-a-kind visual style that Chet employs is inspired by traditional woodcuts, which lends itself well to creating texture and shadow through the balance of color and black outline. He is able to give each work as much visual depth as the levels of humor behind it. When he’s not working on personal masterpieces, this artist also lends his skills to several commercial endeavors, including a campaign for one of my best loved Brands, Half Price Books. Thanks to the attention he has received for truly individual talent, it is no surprise that he is high in demand.

Images by Chet Phillips