Thursday, June 26, 2014

Harold Siefert

Beautifully Detailed Cast Bronze Bird Houses & Stuffed Bunnies at Play.
Pint-Sized Storytelling Sculptures with Incredible Technique & Texture.

Artist: Harold Siefert
Expertise: Sculpture
Additional Talents: Storytelling
Materials: Sculpting Medium, Wax, Molds, Bronze, Patina Finish
Style: Bronze Casting
Inspiration: Humor & Happiness in Life
Subject Matter: Bunnies & other Animals, Birdhouses, Comical Juxtapositions
Social Media: [Facebook]
Home Base: Houston, TX
Spotted At: Art City Austin 2014
How can you not smile at sculptures of stuffed bunnies and birdhouses acting like people? Artist Harold Siefert does a wonderful job of capturing the attention of his viewers with playful pairings and personifications like these. He finds his inspiration as much from art museums as everyday life, especially the enduring love he has for his father and the simple acts of kindness that he will always remember. He works in cast bronze which requires a number of materials, steps and stages to arrive at each final piece, but this technique also allows for an amazing amount of texture and detail, no matter how small the sculpture. Harold doesn’t seem to mind this time intensive process that he happened upon by chance, and he enjoys letting each step take his original idea where it may. His visions often evolve as he shapes and forms each figure.

Harold’s work freezes moments in time with a material sure to last, telling snippets of stories that are sure to stick with you. I personally love the little bunnies, not modeled after a live rabbit, but rather a stuffed animal. He positions these creatures in various scenes, from taking a picture with a traditional camera and tripod to driving a carriage full of bunny friends to sitting on a crescent moon with a stuffed animal of its own. Of course, Harold also features a wide array of other subject matter, unique for the level of detail and movement portrayed in a still sculpture, for example, tiny articles of clothing hanging on a clothesline or dresses that appear to be dancing. It doesn’t matter that these metal masterpieces are still and heavy. They may not move themselves, but they are likely to move you, bringing a smile to your face.

Photography by Annie Winsett