Thursday, August 28, 2014


PC Parts Upcycled to the Level of Wearable & Display Worthy Art.
Accessories & Decor no Longer Impacted by Tech Obsolescence.

Artist: Sue & Lori
Expertise: Crafting
Materials: PC Parts, CDs, Clockworks, Jewelry Fittings
Style: Upcycling Pieces of an almost Past Decade
Inspiration: Constantly Evolving Nature of Technology
Common Creations: Clocks, Jewelry & Accessories
Shop: On and Offline
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Twitter]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Austin Flea 2014

The pace at which technology changes is often hard to imagine and even harder to keep up with. Yesterday's hottest gadget is quickly replaced by Tomorrow's new and improved model. And what happens to these items? PCs, CDs, Circuit Boards, Cords and Cables, all tossed aside, until Austin based artists Sue and Lori saw artistic potential in these odds and ends. These eclectic visionaries started saving outdated technology and giving it a new life as Jewelry and Accessories, Clocks and Wall Art, pretty much anything they could imagine! They have proved that CDs and circuits can actually be beautiful; the colors, shapes and patterns that were once only important for their function, now make each handmade work of art special for their form. You don't have to be a tech nerd to appreciate the cleverness. Of course there's no denying the special appeal for anyone in that industry. If you’re someone who likes to have meaning embedded in what you wear as an expression of yourself, then how cool would it be to proudly display what was once an integral element of a computer, now artfully repurposed as jewelry? I may be a hardcore Mac devotee, but I love what this artist creates with forgotten PC parts. Technique and Material make the art!

Photography by Annie Winsett