Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kathleen Fenton

One Artist's Bright & Colorful Vision of the World, from Heart to Canvas.
Such Passion for Painting, Determined to Encourage Others to Explore.

Artist: Kathleen Fenton
Expertise: Painting
Additional Talents: Mixed Media / Teaching
Materials: Canvas, Brushes, Mirror, Acrylic & Oil Paint
Style: Vibrant, Textured, Full of Energy
Inspiration: Places her “Soul Longs to Be”
Subject Matter: Hearts, Trees, Flowers, Sea Life
Online Shop: [Etsy]
Social Media: [Facebook]
Home Base: Missouri
Spotted At: Art @ the Domain

Most artists spend their lives perfecting their craft to share a vision of the world with others. They aspire to convey emotion and meaning to provoke or move their audience in some way. Painter Kathleen Fenton takes this passion for art one step further by making it her mission to not only let the world see through her eyes, but to also encourage them to find their form of artistic expression. She can't stand the idea of life without art in its many forms so she gives through her paintings and her teaching others to paint. Much like her personality, Kathleen's work is vibrant and rich with color. Her most common subjects are scenes straight from nature, highlighting the beauty that exists in our oceans, forests, fields and more. Many of her pieces convey great energy and movement through texture and dancing brush strokes. Her bright color palete also helps, making each piece brilliantly eye catching. Take her series of turtles, for example. Each of these creatures pops off the canvas, playfully swimming through a deep blue sea. Or take a walk among aspens and flowering fields. Beyond a semi-realist style, Kathleen has also been known to explore some more abstract motifs, from trees with swirling branches to hearts made with a mix of media including mirror to reflect how they make you feel. I would gladly spend my life inside her happily hue-filled vision of the world!

Photography by Annie Winsett