Thursday, October 11, 2018

Kickin Legs

Dress Your Darling Son or Daughter in Leggings with the Hand Painted Touch.
Simply Done, Smile Worthy Designs that Give Your Little Ones Flair by the Pair.

Images by Kickin Legs
Artist: Chelsea Luce
Expertise: Crafting
Materials: Leggings, Acrylic Paint
Style: Simple, Line Drawings
Inspiration: Her Adorable Daughter & Popular Culture
Subject Matter: Patterns, Holidays, Custom Designs
Online Shop: [Etsy]
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted: Personal Connection
Adorable children’s outfits are easy to find, but how many have the personal touch of hand painted, playful designs? Austin artist Chelsea Luce saw this need and decided to fill it with leggings that are hard not to love (I have to keep myself in check until I have kids, but I want them all). At first just dressing her daughter, she has come to clothe children from all over thanks to connections she made through social media. She now manages a successful Etsy store between her day job and being a fun, full time mom. Chelsea has chosen leggings in a wide variety of styles and colors as her characteristic canvases. With paint in hand, she adds simply drawn decorations to the knees or calves that are too cute to miss! Choose from arrows and feathers with southwestern flair or cupcakes and crowns made for a princess or even the mascot of your favorite sports team. Come holiday time, you’re likely to see some wonderful themed looks like pumpkins, Santas and more. Plus, you can make custom requests if you have a design in mind to suit your little one. Children don’t need much to be cute, but a pair of Kickin Legs leggings is icing on the cake. And now she is also offering adult sizes whether you want to do matching mommy and me style outfits or just because. Chelsea is a prime example of how simplicity can be so powerful coupled with a good idea and a talent for drawing.

Images by Kickin Legs