Thursday, February 5, 2015

Artsy Bug

Art Filled with Love & Happiness. Color to Convey it!
Heart Guided Art. Passionate Painting & Illustration.

Images by Shelby Durham
Artist: Shelby Durham
Expertise: Painting
Additional Talents: Watercolor, Illustration, Teaching
Materials: Ink, Paint, Watercolor, Paper
Style: Brightly Colored, Playful Depictions
Inspiration: Her Faith & the Power of Eliciting Happiness
Subject Matter: Animals, Nature, Abstract Swirls of Color
Home Base: Florida
Spotted: Online

Art can be a wonderful source of happiness for everyone, from the person creating each work to those who get to enjoy them. Whatever the medium, art can be your message to the world, conveying meaning and emotions you wish to share. For self proclaimed Artsy Bug Shelby Durham, art serves both of these purposes and so much more. She has dabbled in various painting and illustration techniques from an early age, encouraged by her family. Now it is her go-to creative expression. Her desire to spread happiness can clearly be seen in each piece, bubbling up through bright color choices, bold lines and lots of movement. You can feel the joy in every brush stroke so lovingly applied.

Shelby most commonly works with ink and watercolor, but like most artists, she has no problem pushing the boundaries to see where else she can apply her art. Sometimes it's decorating an everyday object like a guitar, customizing to capture the musician's personality. In other instances she's teaching friends and family how to brighten their lives with color and decoration. For Shelby, art is both personal and communal. How lucky are we that she shares her happiness with the art world in her way, with every colorful work!

Images by Shelby Durham