Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bills & Gills

Whimsically Crafted Caricatures of Birds & Fish.
Thanks to the Combined Talents of Two Sisters.

Artists: Sue Lazerwitz & Terry Ray
Expertise: Crafting
Additional Talents: Paper Mache / Painting
Materials: Paper, glue, paint, wire, adornments
Style: Whimsical, Personality-Filled Creations
Inspiration: Nature Shaped by Imagination
Common Creations: Birds & Fish
Online Shop: Catalog
Shop Offline: Galleries & Shows
Social Media: [Facebook]
Home Base: Ohio & Texas
Spotted At: Art @ the Domain 2014

What does it mean to give a piece of art its own personality? And can each work be truly one-of-a-kind like people and their finger prints? Yes, of course! When you craft like Sue and Terry, the pair of sisters behind Bills & Gills, you can easily give a unique liveliness to any creation, no matter the medium. For these two, their crafting expertise of choice involves "sculpting" with paper mâché and then decking out each piece with whimsical flair. It seems only natural that they've centered on birds (and occasionally fish) given that this subject matter makes it easy to spread the wings of their imagination. As long as the base shape of each paper mâché form is reminiscent of a bird, just about any combination of painting and "accessories" can give shape to the creature's personality. The colors and materials used bring in fun, bright colors, from the patterns they paint to the beaded wire legs and tails they shape. Every one of Terry and Sue's birds is without a doubt one-of-a-kind, from the tip of the feathers on its head to the upcycled base it sits upon. These two sisters work incredibly well together, feeding off each other's strengths and imagination. While they live in different areas of the country, their art unites them. What a beautiful way to live and give to the art loving community!

Photography by Annie Winsett