Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dottie Dog

Custom Canine Art Realistic, yet Uniquely Stylized.
Digitally Illustrated Pup Portraits Made from Patterns.

Images by Dottie Dog

Artist: Beth Meyer
Expertise: Graphic Design
Additional Talents: Drawing, Fiber Art
Materials: Adobe Illustrator, Tablet, Mac, Paper, Printer
Style: Vibrant, Stylized Custom Portraits
Inspiration: Canine Companions, Woodcut Designs, Art Nouveau
Subject Matter: Personality filled Pooches
Online Shop: [Etsy]
Shop Offline: Rock Paper Scissors
Social Media: [Facebook]
Home Base: Cincinnati, OH
Spotted: Online

It's interesting how sometimes meeting the love of your life helps everything else fall into place. For Graphic Designer Beth Meyer, it was her husband that introduced her to how she could turn her knack for drawing into the art she was meant to create. All she needed was the right tool to express herself. Through the years, she dabbled in a variety of techniques, but none helped her manifest her vision quite like a digital tablet and Adobe Illustrator. What some people see as smooth, solid forms, Beth prefers to render as a bunch of little bitty shapes and patterns. She often compares the look she's seeking to woodcuts, but at a much smaller scale. Drawn by hand, this style of depiction can be laborious and not very flexible. However, by working digitally, Beth can move much faster and more easily make changes to suit the design aesthetic she has in mind. Plus, she can zoom in to create intricate details and work with a variety of layers. What's fun about this is how much depth it gives each piece. You have to get close to see the secret behind her unique look and feel.

Beth's favorite subject matter is animals, especially dogs. Her pup Dottie has been a great source of inspiration and a wonderful reminder of how much personality our pets have. As such, Beth seeks to portray these characteristics in each work with color and character. She does custom portraits, always starting from reference photos that she then stylizes through her one-of-a-kind technique. The end results are alive with vibrant hues and expressions. Sometimes she even has a little fun with it, featuring animals in unexpected scenes. I'm so happy when artists like Beth find their art and share it with the rest of us to enjoy!

Images by Dottie Dog