Thursday, June 4, 2015


Delightful Designs as Arty Accessories to Deck Out your Skin.
Temporary Tattoos Created from Talented Illustration & Design.

Images by Dottinghill
Owners: Mike & Tam
Artists: Online Design Community
Expertise: Graphic Design
Additional Talents: Crowdsourcing / Social Media
Materials: Design software, Temporary tattoo paper & ink
Style: Colorful, Creative e-Illustrations
Inspiration: Modern Art & Design Traditions, Nerd & Art Culture
Subject Matter: Anything & Everything you can think of
Common Creations: Temporary Tattoos
Online Shop: Skin Accessories
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]  [Twitter]  [Pinterest]
Spotted At: Renegade Craft Fair

Admit it, whether or not you have real tattoos, there's something especially fun about artfully accessorizing your skin. I was definitely one of those kids that would use my own hand or arm as a canvas when I had no paper, and even sometimes when I did. Temporary tattoos have a wonderful ability to aid in self expression, and the fact that they're not permanent means you can change your mind and your "ink" based on your mood. There is no lack of temporary tattoo suppliers out there, but until I discovered Dottinghill, I thought I might have to give up this "childish" affinity. But no! There's nothing childish about the art that this husband and wife duo offer in tattoo form. Every design is carefully chosen from an online community of highly skilled illustrators and graphic designers. They feature beautifully stylized depictions of animals, nature, places, references to nerd culture, everyday objects and abstract motifs. I'm personally drawn to those with an offbeat feel, but you'll likely find something to suit your own unique tastes. What's even better is that new designs are added all of the time, including seasonal themes. The only hard part is choosing just one to wear at a time!

Images by Dottinghill