Thursday, July 30, 2015


Beautifully Etched Bottles Designed to Give Good Vibrations.
Positively Unique Artwork Inspired by Science & Spirituality.

Artist: Wade Beesley
Expertise: Crafting
Additional Talents: Sculpting
Materials: Glass Bottles, Etching Laser, Sealant
Style: Simple Clear Canvas with Intricate Etched Designs
Inspiration: Vibrational Research of Japanese scientist, Dr.Masaru Emoto
Subject Matter: Geometric, Symbolic & Organic Designs
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Ladybird Market 2015

Etching is a wonderful technique that lives at the intersection of Art and Science. With the right application of chemical interaction, you can render an indelible mark on your "canvas" of choice, glass being the most common. For Austin based craftsman, Wade Beesley, this artistic expertise fits his interests and vision perfectly, one of beauty and positivity for all. He manifests this vision in artfully etched glass bottles. While the designs he creates range from geometric and organic to more symbolic, he says his underlying inspiration comes from Science. Specifically, he is moved by the natural patterns and motifs that vibrations render in water. According to the research findings of his "muse," good vibrations, those from positive words and expression, create the most beautiful interactions with water. It shouldn't surprise you that Wade's goal is the share these positive feelings with the world, prompting "Love & Gratitude." I'm thankful for artists like this that share such a joyful art with us to enjoy. Wade's pieces are that much more fun because they are decorative and functional. Store your favorite beverage of choice, give flowers a place to stand or simply brighten the room with the unique look and feel Wade's pieces radiate!

Photography by Annie Winsett