Thursday, July 9, 2015

M. Carla Wright

Traditionally Taught Master with Modernized Technique for Unique Effect.
Hand "Painted" Depth & Texture to Draw You in & Experience the Scene.

Artist: M. Carla Wright
Expertise: Painting
Additional Talents: Drawing
Materials: Palette Knives, Oil & Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Wood
Style: From Landscapes to Abstracts with Vibrant Colors & Texture
Inspiration: The chance to convey the whimsy in Nature
Subject Matter: Nature, Trees, Animals, People
Shop Offline: Upcoming Exhibits
Social Media: [Facebook]
Home Base: Denver, CO
Spotted At: Art @ the Domain 2014

Painting as an artistic medium is meant to be seen and felt, usually on an emotional, intangible level, but what about when the artist uses a great degree of texture? (I personally adore this type of art, except that I have to restrain the urge to touch it). For painter Carla Wright, layering on mounds of oils and acrylics allows her to add a new level of depth to each work, creating an almost sculpture-like effect. In her view, this leaves an open invitation for her viewers to look INTO these paintings instead of merely AT the subject matter featured. While most in her area of expertise use brushes, she prefers the palette knife because with this tool she can more easily achieve the unique texture she seeks as she composes her scenes. Carla is especially talented at landscapes and stylized depictions of nature. Her series of trees is one that will undoubtedly catch your eye! Not only does she use texture to mimic bark and foliage, she also mixes fabulously vibrant colors! Some of her trees are mostly true to form while others are unreal and as such, truly mesmerizing! Looking at each piece, you can almost see her pallets knife in action, strategically dabbing and smearing each glob of paint. The finished work definitely draws you in! Kudos to you if you can hold yourself back from touching these beautiful canvases! (Not to worry, I haven't touched one myself either, as much as I would have enjoyed the chance.)

Photography by Annie Winsett