Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bluebamboo Crafts

Artsy Duck Tape Accessories Made to be Unique & Useful.
Colors & Patterns Combined to be Functional & Fabulous.

Images by Blue Bamboo Crafts
Artist: Victoria Ross
Expertise: Crafting
Additional Talents: Sewing, Weaving
Materials: Duck Tape, Scissors, Key Chains
Style: Bright, Colorful & Offbeat
Inspiration: An Innate Need & Ability to Create
Common Creations: Flowers, Key Chains, Purses, Wallets & More
Shop Online: [Etsy]
Social Media: [Facebook]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted: Personal Connection

How lucky to be born into a crafty family! I know I am blessed in this way, and so is Austin Arts & Crafter Victoria Ross of Bluebamboo Crafts. She's been creating from a very young age with the help of her parents and grandparents. Throughout her upbringing, they shared their diverse artistic interests and crafted her into the talent she is today. While she has dabbled in many areas, her truly one-of-a-kind focus these days is duct tape and all that can be made out of this seemingly unartistic material. Once merely utilitarian, duct tape has become both functional and fun. It's amazing the colors and designs you can now find, and Victoria is quite a connoisseur! The majority of her pieces incorporate a range of hues and personality filled patterns to suite anyone's taste. Duct tape as a medium requires careful folding to take it from the roll to whatever you aspire to make. Victoria's selection of work includes decorative flowers, coin purses and wallets, key chains and more. She's even started selling kits to help you discover the craft she loves. But don't mistake that as a signal that it's easy. The characteristic stickiness and strength of duct tape makes it versatile and long lasting in use, but also difficult to work with. Thankfully, Victoria has figured out this art and offers it for us to enjoy! Make a statement with a unique and very Austin crafted accessory!

Images by Blue Bamboo Crafts