Thursday, August 13, 2015

Karg Art Glass

Vibrant, Beautifully Detailed Blown Glass that will Blow your Mind.
High Heat Sculpting of Decorative Pieces on Small & Grand Scale.

Artist: Rollin Karg
Expertise: Blown Glass
Additional Talents: Metalwork, Photography, Ceramics, Woodworking
Materials: Glass- Frit, Dichroic & More, Fire, Metal Shaping Tools
Style: Colorful, Vibrant, Abstract, Organic
Inspiration: Ancient Technique Modernized
Common Creations: Bowls, Paperweights, Decor
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Social Media: [Facebook]
Home Base: Wichita, KS
Spotted At: Art @ the Domain

If you've never seen glass blowing in action, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list. This amazing artistic technique requires great strength, vision, patience, dexterity and so much more. It is not for the casual crafter. But for artists like Rolin Karg, their passion for the awe inspiring glass pieces you can create makes the investment in tools, space, time and energy completely worth it. Rolin himself says discovering glass blowing was like falling in love. It's all he thinks about, and all he wants to do. It's no wonder the work he produces is truly beautiful and seamlessly melded into shape. You'd hardly guess that each one took hours and multiple steps, in and out of various furnaces with great care in timing and temperature. His portfolio ranges from small decorative pieces like paperweights and bowls to large scale sculptures with metal mixed in. While some of his pieces are more abstract, he is also known to craft a reminiscent of fish, pumpkins and more. No matter the shape, all of the glass he uses is carefully selected and artfully paired for great vibrancy and layers of color. Thanks to a generous helping of dichroic glass, he also manages incorporate a lot sparkle. Whether or not you know exactly what goes into the process, you'll undoubtedly feel the powerful impression blown glass can make, especially that of Rolin Karg!

Photography by Annie Winsett