Thursday, January 7, 2016

Designing Lines

Truly Mesmerizing Line Drawings Imaginatively Industrial.
Powerful Plays on Perspectives, Architectural & Abstract.

Images by Designing Lines
Artist: Jackie Barnard
Expertise: Illustration
Additional Talents: Architectural Drafting
Materials: Pencils, Pens, Paper
Style: Mostly Abstract Line Drawings, Often Monochromatic
Inspiration: Architectural Designs with Depth & Perspective
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Home Base: Kingwood, TX
Spotted At: Art @ the Domain

In Architecture, every line you draw should be indicative of a functional element of the structure you envision; walls, doors, hallways. And yet, when you take a very architectural drawing style and mix it with more abstract illustration like artist Jackie Barnard, you introduce a lot of lines with completely different function, that of adding to the composition for Art's sake, and the results can be quite stunning! Jackie of Designing Lines has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Professionally he began by studying architectural drafting, but he has dabbled in many other types of illustration for stress relief and imaginative exercise. The best of these musings he often ends up fleshing out for new artwork. All of his pieces are drawn by hand with simply pencils, pens and paper. Most of his work is more abstract in design with an asymmetrical balance of elements, but he also composes some pieces very reminiscent of buildings. I love how these look like very angular edifices floating in fantastical places because the landscape is more in line with his abstract pieces. Each drawing is beautiful for what the lines become together, enough detail and intricacy that there is no need for color. However, Jackie does add a touch of tone to accentuate some pieces, and this adds unique effect. I've never seen art quite like this with such a fascinating juxtaposition of styles!

Images by Designing Lines