Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tiny Deer Studio

Macro Shots of Well Posed Merry Little Miniatures.
Vintage in Look & Feel with Pleasing Pastel Colors.

Images by Tiny Deer Studio
Artist: Jessica Lopez
Expertise: Photography
Additional Talents: Collecting
Materials: Camera, Figurines, Backdrops, Objects for Setting
Style: Whimsical Vignettes in Soothing Colors
Inspiration: A Tiny China Deer who Mysteriously Appeared
Subject Matter: Vintage Miniatures, Mostly Animals
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Home Base: Houston, TX
Spotted At: Cherrywood Art Fair

While a successful Art career takes work, it can start from something very small, like the simple desire to make people smile and a little bitty china figurine. That’s how it all began for Jessica Lopez of Tiny Deer Studio. She doesn’t quite remember how the little china deer made it’s way into her life, but its fair to say that he paved the way for a characteristic style of Art that makes many people smile, including me! Jessica is very adept at Macro Photography, which is the core technique she applies in bringing her work to life. She stages small objects, usually vintage china animals in simple, but striking scenes with a few choice objects. She frames them well with respect to compositional rules and manages just the right degree of focus to bring the eye to the main subject. I also enjoy how she plays with lighting to have the same focal effect. There is never a doubt what each picture is about although you can make up your own story for each scene. Her most common color palette is pleasingly pastel, which makes her pieces playful and full of whimsy. They are also easy to recognize as all her own, and you’d have no trouble pairing a few together to hang on your wall, which is good because it is hard to choose just one! As a fellow photographer, I appreciate both her technique and the way Jessica has stuck to her style. It’s really neat to have a very solid theme carried throughout, but that is open to new interpretations over time, still reminiscent of her original pieces. I imagine that Jessica is playful in many aspects of her life, but this shines through best in her Art. She is also in the process of launching a line of tiny creature pins, no doubt inspired by the figurines she uses in her photos. I can’t wait to see all that comes next for Tiny Deer Studio!

Images by Tiny Deer Studio