Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bergeron Woodworks

Forgotten Wood of Louisiana Remembered & Artfully Reused.
Furniture & Decor with a Colorful Past & Upcycled Future.

Images by Bergeron Woodworks
Artist: David Bergeron
Expertise: Woodworking
Additional Talents: Upcycling, Eco-Crafting
Materials: Reclaimed Lumber, Nails, Glue, Tools
Style: Preserving & Elevating Weathered & Worn Wood
Inspiration: Combining Historic Preservation with Craftsmanship
Common Creations: Boxes, Fames, Tables, Wall Decor, Furniture
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Home Base: Thibodaux, LA
Spotted At: Renegade Craft Fair

When you first see the work of David Bergeron, you’ll easily notice a characteristic theme - weathered materials artfully arranged into beautiful furniture and decor. While some decorators design new pieces to look old and worn, David prefers to use wood that has a past he's deemed worthy of preserving. His raw material came by the weathered look naturally as a part of the New Orleans landscape that this artist cherishes. Rather than see wooden buildings torn down and their pieces discarded, David takes this wood and makes it the central element of his craft. He cares as much about the history of this material as the sustainability of all goods in our world. With careful deconstruction, collection and refinishing, he prepares each piece by hand a lot like a puzzle, making sure everything fits together just right. I love the way he combines different types of wood with various shades of worn paint colors to create a pattern. Some are simple and others, large and complex, from boxes and picture frames to tables, trunks or head boards. Knowing the basis of David’s craft makes each item all the more meaningful, like holding a piece of a town you love or history you want to remember. With that said, you don’t have to know New Orleans to see the beauty in what he makes with his close attention to craftsmanship and material!

Images by Bergeron Woodworks