Thursday, May 19, 2016

John Langford Photography

Portraits that Uncover Personality by a Passionate Photographer.
Exotic & Evocative Travel Shots Thanks to a Worldly Outlook.

Photos by John Langford
Artist: John Langford
Expertise: Photography
Additional Talents: Writing, Travel
Materials: DSLR, Studio Lighting & Backdrops, Retouching Software
Style: Well Composed, True to Life Photography
Inspiration: Truths Hidden Inside People & Places
Subject Matter: People, Bikes, Animals, Doors, Travel Sites
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted: Personal Connection

In my experience, the best photographers have a truly unique outlook, both literally and figuratively. Their pictures stand out not just because they are well composed, artistically framed and excellently executed. The other key element as seen in the work of artists like John Langford is a perspective that allows the viewer to see something new about the world. This is as true of John's professional, commercial work and his personal art. I was lucky enough to meet John back when I was a young aspiring photographer myself, and over the years he's taught me many things. His day job mostly involves portrait photography which can range from straightforward headshots to more creative iterations. In his spare time he shoots anything and everything that inspires him. Before taking pictures of the people he works with, he spends time connecting with them in order to draw out the unique aspects of who they are so the images reflect just that. He is excellent at seeing people beyond the surface, and his pictures show how wonderfully in tune he is. In part, this trait seems innate, but my guess is that he acquired this skill through a well cultured upbringing and years of travel. Thanks to John I can actually say I know someone who at one point in their life sold all their belongings except a camera and his backpack so he could travel the world. This is the dream of many photographers, but few manage to set out on such an adventure. I truly admire John's courage, the experiences he has cultivated and the many, many stunning photos he took along his journey. The people he met shine through the frame with all their worldly personality. The architectural scenes he found are so beautifully framed. The silhouettes he shot highlight the foreground and background. I think he may have found a bike in every city, all cleverly "posed." I could go on and on. It's a pleasure knowing John and getting to see the amazing depth and breadth of photos he takes. If you don't know his work or his travel stories, I highly recommend checking them out!

Photos by John Langford