Thursday, June 30, 2016

Darryl Freeman

Outstanding Self-Taught Oil Painter Local to Artsy Austin.
Neighbor & Nature Lover, Enjoyer of Painting en Plein Air.

Images by Darryl Freeman
Artist: Darryl Freeman
Expertise: Painting
Additional Talents: Watercolor, Pastels, Mixed Media
Materials: Oil Paint, Canvas, Brushes, Palette Knife
Style: Impasto Paintings full of Texture & Storytelling
Inspiration: Everyday Life & the Interplay of Colors, Light & Shadow Around Us
Subject Matter: Nature, his Neighborhood, Boats and more
Shop Online: Darryl's Art
Shop Offline: Current Shows
Social Media: [Pinterest]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted: Around Austin

Austin is for Artists! I love being able to see the work of creative masters all around our city, whether its at a show or in a local coffee shop. I discovered this talented painter in a little family run restaurant, proudly displaying the art of a neighbor. And why wouldn’t they be proud? Darryl Freeman is a fabulous self-taught oil painter with wonderful technique! He got his start watching his mother. I would argue that artists like Darryl are some of the most observant people, able to learn by watching and then doing, creating their own style along the way. Darryl prefers to capture interesting moments in time, painting en Plein air, which means working out in the open, surrounded by his subject matter and inspiration! He starts by “sketching" the scene quickly with his brush before the moment passes. Then he return to his studio to paint, applying a wide range of colors and often layers of texture. You can see his use of quick strokes in each work, giving his paintings an almost Impressionist look, a genre of artists who were famous for their ability to freeze moments in time. Darryl has a great handle of how light, shadow and color create form which allows him to paint more stylized representations that are easily identifiable as people, animals and nature without being too true to life. I am as much a fan of his local subject matter like near by houses and parks as his work from travels. I know I’ve said this before, but I would love to take a walk in the world the way Darryl sees it. The wonderful mix of hues and light with textured strokes give his canvases life!

Images by Darryl Freeman