Thursday, June 16, 2016

Owen Winsett

My Father, my Favorite Photographer & my First Photography Teacher.
An Inspiration & Visionary, Adept at Capturing the Wonders of Nature.

Photography by Owen Winsett
Artist: Owen Winsett
Expertise: Photography
Materials: Digital SLR, Adobe Photoshop, Inkjet Printer, Paper
Style: Crisp, Artistically Framed Realism
Inspiration: Beauty in Nature: Color, Light, Texture, Landscape
Subject Matter: Flowers, Mountains, Animals & Insects, Other Natural Wonders, People
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted: Personal Connection

My multi-talented artist mom can take credit for enstilling in me a passion for both fine art and crafting, but its thanks to my dad that I learned the wonders of Photography. I've often said that some artistic techniques require (or allow depending on your perspective) you to manifest in tangible form the beauty you see in your mind. However, what I love about Photography is that it makes it possible for you to find, capture and celebrate beauty that exists in the world already. Many a talented photographer also makes beauty through the way they frame or print their image, but no other expertise offers the same degree of Realism. My dad, local photographer Owen Winsett, is incredibly adept at finding the best that nature has to offer and showcasing it in pictures that make you feel like you were there, at the Grand Canyon, in a field of wild flowers, in front of a snow capped mountain. His vision is inspiring, and he often captures his from a perspective you might not have seen without looking through his lense. That is the beauty of photography done right!

My dad learned the art of photography from his dad, and I love that he has passed this passion down to me. It's great fun to go on photographic adventures together, sharing afterwards the unique pictures we each managed to capture. I've learned from his technique that some of the best work comes from seeking unusual perspectives. He is not shy about crouching down, balancing himself against something, looking from above or below, even laying on the ground, all to frame his shot in a way that makes a striking composition. He is also highly skilled at the more documentary style shots, perfect for featuring people at events and get togethers. He never misses the chance to catch a smile or happy moment between friends and family, and we have many memories he has captured for us in his marvelously composed snapshots over the years. The walls in my parents' house are covered in photography worthy of hanging in a museum. How lucky are we to be related to such a talented Austin artist!

Images by Owen Winsett