Thursday, September 1, 2016

Amanda Lee Jones

Oil Painter Extraordinaire with a Love of Teaching & Sharing her Skill.
Inspiring Passion & Dedication to a Timeless, but Time Intensive Art.

Images by Amanda Lee Jones
Artist: Amanda Lee Jones
Expertise: Oil Painting
Additional Talents: Drawing, Crocheting, Teaching
Materials: Canvas, Oil Paint, Brushes, Soft Pastels, Paper
Style: Realistic Portraits, Still Lives & Scenes
Inspiration: Light, Color & Form in Everyday Life
Subject Matter: People, Flowers, Memories, Ordinary Beauty
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Social Media: [Facebook]  [Twitter]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted: Personal Connection

If you have a skill that is your true passion, why wouldn't you share it with the world? Some artists do so by selling their work, but what I love about Amanda Lee Jones is that she takes it a step further; she has dedicated her life to teaching her favorite artistic technique, giving children access to Oil Painting, something rarely taught so young. She still creates masterpieces of her own, and trust me, they are stunning thanks to the training and mentorship she has received and actively sought out during her career. However, her day to day is mostly filled with classes, helping develop the talent and passion of aspiring artists 8-18. Her work shows a strong foundation in drawing and traditional techniques. That is also what she instills in her students so they know the rules before trying to break them. Oil Painting is not an artistic specialty for the impatient. Most really beautiful and well thought out paintings are the product of several steps, and that's not even considering the extra time involved in working with oil as opposed to any other type of paint.

When Amanda is working on her own pieces, she often starts with a sketch or photograph of her idea. She may play with a photograph on the computer to get lighting and coloring that speaks to her. Then she puts brush to canvas and paints, usually across multiple sittings. Later upon layer, her image takes shape. From there she lets the piece evolve into the final form, adding detail and color to show each subject in an unique and interesting light. Like most artists she is always on the look out for inspiration. It's honestly not a mode you can turn off, particularly when you're moved by the beauty in everyday life. When she travels and gets to paint en plein air, she'll take advantage of the exotic scenery, but she also loves taking something rather ordinary and showing a perspective of it that people may not normally stop to see. My favorites among her collection of work thus far have been portraits, one of a mysterious and pensive mustached man and another of a beautiful girl holding a peacock feather over one eye. At a basic level, they are well composed, but beyond that there are emotions and untold stories that pulls you in. I could stare at these pieces for hours looking at every detail! If you're interested in learning the magic behind Amanda's work, consider one of her classes.

Images by Amanda Lee Jones