Thursday, October 20, 2016

Walter Arnold

Breathtaking High Contrast Images of Unforgettable Forgotten Places.
Photographed Scenes with Amazing Ranges of Light, Shadow & Color.

Images by Walter Arnold
Artist: Walter Arnold
Expertise: Photography
Additional Talents: Storytelling
Materials: Digital SLR, Photographic Paper, Metal Paper, High Quality Printer & Ink
Style: High Dynamic Range, High Detail, Sometimes Surreal Photography
Inspiration: Untold Stories in Scenes of Ruin
Subject Matter: Abandoned Artifacts & Places
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Home Base: North Carolina
Spotted At: Art City Austin

Do you ever look at a photograph and think the subject is so beautiful that it would be hard to get a bad shot? How about images of items and scenes that aren't all that stunning and yet the photographer has somehow transformed them, leaving you breathless? Walter Arnold is just such an artist that works his magic on the abandoned and forgotten. As a self taught photographer I can't help but think he was born with an amazing eye! It also helps that he was raised by a creative family who has always supported his pursuit of excellence through years honing in his vision. One of Walters best known series and a personal favorite is called “The Art of Abandonment." While he didn’t originally set out to photograph discarded objects and deserted places, that is where he discovered his passion. He focuses on capturing unusual scenes that others don’t typically see. In our culture, we're quick to overlook things that are broken, dated or left to rust. However, Walter is able to look past that and draw out the beauty. What helps make these scenes even more powerful is Walter's preferred photographic technique that allows him to capture and convey a wider range of light than most images. This is called HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging. Some of the latest smartphones have this feature, it's safe to say that Walter's gear plus his talent elevates his photography to high art! Take a look for yourself. You could get lost in all of the detail in these scenes that you don't come across everyday. There stunning!

Images by Walter Arnold