Thursday, November 10, 2016

Beautifully Bevilled

Hand Illustrated Notecards with Happiness, Heart & Humor.
Playful Pen & Ink Drawings, Some Sentimental, Some Sassy!

Images by Beautifully Bevilled
Artist: Christina Bevill
Expertise: Paper Goods
Additional Talents: Illustration
Materials: Paper, Envelops, Pen & Ink,
Style: Delicate Drawings, some Sweet & others Sassy
Inspiration: Life’s Special Moments worth Highlighting
Subject Matter: Thank Yous, Happy Birthday, Love Notes
Common Creations: Notecards, Paper Goods, Custom Orders
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Shop Offline: Shows Announced on Social Media
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Austin Flea

This one goes out to all of my sentimental friends and fans who hope the art of handwritten notes never dies! Christina Bevill of Beautifully Bevilled knows the value of putting in the time to pick out and personalize cards for special occasions (and honestly, even the ordinary ones). She started her own line of hand illustrated cards to help people express their excitement, congratulations, love, joy and sometimes even sass that is so very Austin in style. Yes, I'm referring to her design that helps tell someone you "love more than Taco Tuesday!" You may be thinking that there are Hallmark cards for everything, but consider how much more personal and meaningful it is to share paper goods that are local. Christina's illustration style is simple, based mostly on line drawings with sparing color use for effect. The resulting aesthetic is very personal and not at all mass made. Plus, the talent and artistic vision Christina brings to her art makes each sketch light hearted and fun. She's very good at coming up with sweet sentiments that people are likely to want to share, from the standard Happy Birthdays to congratulations for "Making a Tiny Human!" What an endearing sense of humor! Her cards speak to me for sure, and I imagine you'll find quite a few to say how you feel for any given occasion. Well done Christina! Keep the fun, friendly designs coming!

Images by Beautifully Bevilled