Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nailivic Studios

Hispanic Folk Art Inspired, Delicately Detailed Designs.
Laser Etched Woodwork Decor with Colors Paired to Pop.

Images by Nailivic Studios
Artist: Mark Puente
Expertise: Woodwork
Additional Talents: Laser Cutting, Illustration
Materials: Pen & Ink, Wood, Laser Cutter, Paint
Style: Intricately Detailed Designs Etched in Wood
Inspiration: Dia de los Muertos & Hispanic Folk Art
Subject Matter: Hearts, Skulls, Mermaids, Stars, etc
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Pecan Street Festival

Do you ever look at a piece of art that has such incredible detail, but you can't quite tell how the maker behind it managed to fit in so much so seamlessly? Creative master Mark Puente of Nailivic Studios has found a technique that allows for breathtaking execution with unbelievable levels of detail! Each piece Mark makes starts as a drawing with a variety of elements - geometric, abstract, swirls, sunbursts and more. Once perfected, the design is etched into wood. His preferred method is laser etching to be exact which allows for one-of-a-kind, intricate works that are reproducible as components of an infinite combination of pieces. Mark takes these "base" designs and stylizes each with bright color combinations painted across the top, leaving the etched areas raw. Amazingly enough, the simple use of just a few bold colors help balance the detail and really makes the etching pop. The style and process Mark has developed gives him the freedom to play with a single design in multiple sizes, on several backdrops and laid out in different ways, bringing many unique pieces together. Beyond the amazing style, what stands out to me in Mark’s art is his inspiration, drawn from a childhood in Guatemala. You can see the beautiful influences of Hispanic folk art and colorful traditions like Dia de los Muetros. His common themes range from hearts and skulls to representations of loteria symbols. While he shares his Hispanic heritage with many other artists across the globe, he has a very new and fresh take on representing this culture as it is meaningful to him. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the pieces below, and don’t be afraid to zoom in to see the detail!

Images by Nailivic Studios