Thursday, January 5, 2017

Infinity Art Glass

Translucent Glass Filled with Colors Frozen in Undulating Motion.
Smooth, Seamless Sculptural Forms Intertwined without Touching.

Artist: Scott Hartley
Expertise: Blown Glass
Additional Talents: Drawing, Teaching, Science
Materials: Glass, Blowpipe, Shaping Tools, Furnace
Style: Clear Glass with Colorful Ribbons in Undulating Forms
Inspiration: Power of Quality Materials & Craftsmanship
Common Creations: Bowls, Vases, Paperweights, Sculptures
Shop Offline: His Studio
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]  [Blog]
Home Base: Kansas
Spotted At: Art City Austin

If you've never seen a glass artist at work, it may surprise you that something so solid can take amazing liquid-like form when heated. Molten glass is not easy to work with, but when handled right by artists like Scott Hartley of Infinity Art Glass, incredible shapes come together, filled with beauty and frozen movement. Scott discovered his passion for art at an early age, a young boy with true appreciation for the possibilities of both quality materials and craftsmanship. Throughout his schooling he tried various media, becoming quite adept at drawing. While he knew art would always be a part of his life, he initially pursued another interest as his chosen career. While he enjoyed both science and teaching, it wasn't until he found glass that he felt at home. Scott notes that glass was a perfect culmination of his passions for Art and Science. It takes both of these elements working together to create pieces like those Scott shares with us today. Everything from the color to the shape to the stability is determined by how you handle the glass according to its chemical properties. Of course, an eye for composition and aesthetics also comes into play. Some of the common forms Scott has come to make include intertwined sculptures, paperweights, bowls and vases. Each piece is made one at a time, layer upon layer of glass, with countless trips into the furnace to make it malleable enough to keep shaping until finished. Personally, I am most intrigued by the sculptures. They carry great symbolism in how they stand alone, but also pair together so nicely, weaving in and out of each other's respective curves without touching. I admire Scotts strength (because it takes a lot to hold glass on a blowing rod and withstand the heat), his passion and vision with every piece. His glass art achieves true beauty solidified with careful craftsmanship!

Photography by Annie Winsett