Thursday, February 2, 2017

ArtProfiler: Nicole Jeffords

Painter with an Eye for Reading What's Written Behind our Faces.
Storyteller using Oils as her Medium in Conjunction with Writing.

Images by Nicole Jeffords
Artist: Nicole Jeffords
Expertise: Painting
Additional Talents: Writing, Storytelling
Materials: Oil Paints, Brushes, Canvas, Photographs
Style: Softened Realism Filled with each Subject's Emotion
Inspiration: Stories Behind People's Faces, Read with Unique Way of Seeing
Website: ArtProfiler
Shop Online: By Contact or Online Exhibit
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Twitter]  [YouTube]  [Pinterest]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted: Personal Connection

I'm starting to notice that many of the successful artists I meet are lucky enough to have grown up surrounded by creativity and encouragement. Whether or not their parents were also artistically inclined seems to vary, but most of them have been creating in some form since childhood. For Nicole Jeffords, the artist and writer behind ArtProfiler, her mother was her first teacher and possibly the greatest influence in her art. As a fellow painter, she helped Nicole find her medium and further pursue the skills she desired, including a Masters in Fine Arts. Nicole has since gone on to hone her painting technique with other educational opportunities, from apprenticing with great talents here in Austin to studying abroad with international masters. She is also an eclectic collector of Art, filling her home with amazing inspiration.

What makes Nicole's own work unique from those who also focus on portraiture is the way she aims to depict more than just their likeness. For her, portraits are about conveying a person's story, capturing underlying sentiments that aren't usually seen on the surface. Nicole is a natural storyteller so this was only fitting as a crucial component of her style. For her its like a form of artistic clairvoyance, reading emotional energy as she paints. She works from photographs so she has a moment frozen in time to read. Her painting style is realistic with beautifully represented facial features and expressions, but also softened in a way that helps show the emotion. Some of her pieces are almost ethereal in their tone, hinting at a far deeper story than could be conveyed in Oils. That may be part of why Nicole started writing to accompany her work. She is fluent in fiction and has been working on a serial piece involving her studio and the paintings she produces, called A Secret Grave. You can catch new segments of her mystery each week on her site and social media!

Images by Nicole Jeffords