Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dave McClinton

Designer with an Eye for Making Everyday Sights Extraordinary.
Digital Collages with a Treasure Trove of Textures & Clever Forms.

Images by Dave McClinton
Artist: Dave McClinton
Expertise: Graphic Design
Additional Talents: Photography
Materials: Camera, Editing Software, Digital Images
Style: Collaged Photos with an Array of Texture
Inspiration: Opportunity to Reframe the Everyday
Subject Matter: People, Landscapes, Social Statements
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Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]  [Flickr]  [Twitter]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: EAST Austin Studio Tour

When I first met Dave McClinton he very casually told me what I'd argue is the secret to his one-of-a-kind work and artistic style - He is always on the lookout for inspiration. His primary medium is Graphic Design, but he uses a lot of photography as the elements in each work. As such, he always keeps an eye out for interesting sights and textures which he captures for ideas and possibly use in a future piece. He is a collector with an Artist's vision that never turns off. That's the foundation of his style and his success I suspect. It doesn't hurt that Dave has 20+ years working in graphic design so he knows design aesthetics like the back of his hand and can easily find his way around the software he relies upon. But as with many other who make a living off a creative skill, he dedicates time to his own art as an outlet for expression and exploration. I'm fascinated by his pieces that play with color and texture, often with several layers. At first glance you'll likely see his chosen subject matter and perhaps a social statement, but take a second look and it's not hard pick out bits and pieces of what he's captured from daily life for inspiration. As a photographer, I also have an eye that never turns off so I can really appreciate this burden but also advantage. He finds such unusual patterns and shapes all around that work for his art, whether he's doing a portrait or landscape. Dave enjoys the opportunity to take something common and render it from a different perspective, and I'd say he does that quite well! While some of the snippets he finds make perfect sense as hair for example or skin, it's fascinating to see his more complex juxtapositions. Dave works his magic by synthesizing and sharing his unique vision!

Images by Dave McClinton