Thursday, March 16, 2017

Neena Buxani

Motivated by the Opportunity to Create Beauty with Color & Pattern.
From Abstract to Representational, Works Dominated by Bold Hues.

Images by Neena Buxani
Artist: Neena Buxani
Expertise: Painting
Additional Talents: Fashion, Interior Design
Materials: Acrylic Paints, Alcohol Ink, Gouache, Brushes, Canvas, Gessoboard
Style: Layers of Color & Pattern to Create Abstract or Representational Works
Inspiration: Beauty in Nature, Music, Design & the Work of Other Artists
Subject Matter: Flora, Fauna, Abstracts, Commissions
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Shop Offline: Announced on Facebook
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted: Online

For some, a blank canvas is intimidating, so much space to fill. And yet, for artists like Neena Buxani, the beginning of any piece is a welcome invitation to create beauty! This self taught painter gets her drive and fulfillment from the ability to turn nothingness into something, and trust me, it's always something fantastic! While she may have dreamt of pursuing art since a young age when she first picked up painting, it wasn't until just recently that she took the leap to become an artist full time. Neena comes from a varied cultural and professional background, which gives interesting depth to her aesthetic and skills. It also helps that she's explored the work of many artists to learn about all of the elements of a successful piece. She's constantly experimenting with media and how to best express what inspires her. The common thread throughout her work is color and pattern. She works with vibrant hues in everything from her most Abstract to more Representational paintings. Once she has an idea for a piece, choosing the color palette is most important next step. She then works in layers upon layers until her vision manifests on the canvas. It must be really neat to see through Neena's eyes and be able to pick up on all of the patterns that call to her. The beautiful and inspiring use of color is what first drew me to Neena's style! It's hard to improve upon the handiwork of Mother Nature, but Neena does just that with her outdoor and floral pieces in saturated tones. Her goal of making the world a more beautiful place is admirable, ambitious but completely achievable with the unique nature of her style and inspiration!

Images by Neena Buxani