Thursday, April 27, 2017

Brandy Amstel

Painter, Potter, Speaker, Sculptor, Using Art for Spiritual Expression.
Inviting Viewers to Enjoy & Experience the Emotions in Each Piece.

Artist: Brandy Amstel
Expertise: Painting & Sculpture
Additional Talents: Ceramics, Photography, Coaching
Materials: Paint, Paint Brushes, Canvas, Clay, Glazes
Styles: 1) Abstract, Full of Movement, 2) Colorful & Figurative
Inspiration: Spiritual Sentiments like Hope, Love & Opportunity
Subject Matter: Landscapes, Nature, Luxury Cars, Intangibles
Shop Online: Art by Medium
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Thornton Road Studios Show

As with any profession, an artist can be a Jack of all Trades or a Specialist. Usually this refers to technique, but what if you are a generalist in terms of media, good with many different types, but specialized in what you seek to express? I am greatly impressed by Austin artist Brandy Amstel and her ability to use whatever medium works best for the piece she has in mind. She is not bound by a single skill set or material. Some of her art most successfully manifests in clay while other pieces are 2 dimensional paintings. Tying these together is her colorful style and love of conveying beauty. She works both in abstract and figurative genres. You can see the clear influence of a childhood growing up surrounded by nature. It is no surprise that Brandy has always loved exploring. These days, that comes out more in the different techniques she tries in order to pin point the ideal form of expression. In some cases, Brandy will bring together more than one work as elements of the same vision. Consider for example the sculpture she calls "Take a Dip" which can be paired with a richly colored, impressionistic style painting of a flowery pond. This shows a unique curatorial mindset. Part of what Brandy loves most about clay is the malleable nature, giving her great freedom to bring her ideas to life. She comes up with such detailed sculptures. Those are some pretty talented fingers! When not wearing her ceramicist hat, Brandy can be found with paint brush in hand (or in front of a camera helping others follow in her foot steps, Living Powerfully). She uses a full palette of colors whether she's illustrating an abstract concept, a beautiful outdoor scene or a car lover's favorite toy. She has such depth as an artist, but I would argue that a consistent theme runs throughout. Brandy is all about capturing the essence of her subject and embodying that in art to share with others. What an inspiring goal in life, and what a successful journey she's trekked thus far!

Photography by Annie Winsett of Crafting Exposure