Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ava Sharifian

Swirls of Complementary Colors in Varying Tones.
Abstract Works Asking You to Look Deep & Think.

Images by Ava Sharifian
Artist: Ava Sharifian
Expertise: Painting
Materials: Oil Paint, Brushes, Canvas
Style: Abstract Paintings Bursting with Color
Inspiration: Possibilities of a Blank Canvas
Subject Matter: Color, Form, Beauty, Meaning
Shop Online: Available Works
Social Media: [Instagram]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: EAST Austin Studio Tour

I love hearing artists talk about the possibilities of a blank canvas. While some people focus on the void, others like the talented Ava Sharifian see an invitation to create! This painter feels joy and excitement at the start of each new piece, not knowing exactly what she and her brushes will yield. Ava is what you'd call an intuitive artist; she doesn't base her work on an initial sketch or even a specific vision. She prefers to lay paint upon her canvas in various strokes and shades, letting the composition come together as she explores the boundaries of color. Which hues best complement one another? How do they combine? What emotional feel can you create from the contrast? Take one look at her body of work and you'll understand how these questions are resolved in a new way with each individual canvas. Most of her current collection features abstract yet harmonious swirls of strokes, conveying graceful movement. Some stay within a particular color family while others bring together the whole gamut. Ava's goal with her paintings is to add beauty to our daily lives and challenge people to be in the moment, to be fully conscious. She believes very strongly in the importance of creativity to a meaningful existence. Her works give you the chance to pause and look deeply into what's there. She often uses single word titles that further prompt you to think about the sentiment of what you're seeing. Abstract art will always be subjective, but that's part of what works for Ava's style. She wants you to interpret the colors and movement according to what they inspire in your mind. In this individual freedom to read a work of art is also a sense of connection as you are taking a peak into the mind of the creator and sharing what you see with others as they also process the piece. Art can be made just for the fun of it or just for the aesthetics, but the most beautiful works are those founded on a deeper passion for possibility!

Images by Ava Sharifian