Thursday, May 4, 2017

Stuart Wallace

Mixed Media Artist with a Knack for Bringing Together Diverse Items & Ideas.
Passionately Dedicated to Bringing People Together with Arts & Each Other.

Images by Stuart Wallace
Artist: Stuart Wallace 
Expertise: Mixed Media
Additional Talents: Laser Etching, Painting, Organizing
Materials: Wood, Paper, Found Objects, Glue, Laser Etcher
Style: Media & Topics as Diverse as his Experiences
Inspiration: Making the Ordinary Beautiful
Subject Matter: Portraits, Abstract Concepts, Everyday Items
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Shop Offline: Events Announced on Social Media
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]  [Twitter]
Home Base: Georgetown, TX
Spotted At: North Austin Creatives

The myriad of art events and galleries in Austin and surrounding areas offers fabulous outlets for artists to share their talents, but it's the collectives and meetup groups that bring these individuals together for support and connection. One such group that knows the art of artist networking is North Austin Creatives, and through this organization I've met countless passionate arts supporters, like the one and only Stuart Wallace. As a stay at home dad, Stuart balances his time between raising a sweet little girl, working on his own eclectic art and fostering the creative community. I first met Stuart when he was leading NAC, helping coordinate and keep everyone informed about upcoming opportunities. He has since moved to Georgetown, but his spirit lives on in the group, and he's continued pursuing ways to garner more support for local artists as an active member on the board of the Georgetown Art Center. I suspect that Stuart's many travels throughout his life helped fuel his passion for preserving and appreciating the artistic elements in our culture. His wide ranging travel experiences have also had an impact on his own work, inspiring an affinity for diverse subject matter and media. Much of Stuart's art fits into the realm of Mixed Media with a knack for turning everyday found objects into something beautiful and new. Consider his series of painted moss balls or gold leafed insects. Of course, he is not tied to one genre and loves to keep experimenting. Can you imagine how clever and artsy his little one will likely grow up to be in such a creative atmosphere?! Below I've included a sampling of Stuart's work, but I have no doubt that he will keep coming up with new ideas that take him in more directions. What ties all of his work together is an insatiable curiosity, an appreciation of bright colors and a one-of-a-kind design aesthetic.

Images by Stuart Wallace