Thursday, June 15, 2017

Denise Jaunsem

Colorful, Character Filled Portraits of Animals, Realistic & Abstract.
Painter with a Love of Capturing Nature & Culture in Brush Strokes.

Artist: Denise Jaunsem
Expertise: Painting
Additional Talents: Photography, Crochet
Materials: Oil Paints in Bold Colors & Metallics, Brushes, Canvas
Style: Expressively Colorful & Full of Personality
Inspiration: Beauty in Nature, both Flora & Fauna
Subject Matter: Pets & Other Animals, Outdoor Scenes, Commissions
Shop Online: Gallery & Commissions
Shop Offline: Events Announced on Social Media
Social Media: [Instagram]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: EAST Austin Studio Tour

How do you feel about art that combines realistic elements with the abstract? When it's done well, I personally find this style to be stunning. It takes a lot of creativity to mesh these often conflicting perspectives, and Austin based Denise Jaunsem does a beautiful job with her animal portraits! What first caught my eye in Denise's body of work were the personality filled representations of furry and feathered creatures that she places on bold, colorful backgrounds. Both of these elements combine to make a striking piece that you can't stop staring at! She does custom work for anyone looking to immortalize their cat or dog. Of course, she also find time to capture the faces of exotics and farm friends like bees, goats, jackalopes and chickens. The patterns she creates for the backdrop range from paint splotches to organic shapes. What's really unique about some of these is the way they interact with the animal. Consider the examples below with paint dripping behind and in front of the pets. What a cool concept! Denise has been stretching her artistic muscles for many years, including a fine art education in her home state of Illinois and continuing education through workshops and classes. A lover of music and local color, Denise found her way to New Orleans as she furthered her career. While she loved the natural beauty and vibrant culture in Louisiana, hurricane Katrina pushed her to Austin a few years later. Thankfully we were weird enough for her to stay and find a home! Beyond the beautiful portrayals of animals, Denise is also skilled at capturing the magic in natural elements like water, fallen leaves, shadows from trees and more. She uses a similarly bright color palette for her landscapes and manages to convey a lot of life and movement. Denise is definitely on my list of personal favorites for her animals and her other collections!

Photography by Annie Winsett