Thursday, June 1, 2017

GloWorm Toy Photography

Dynamic Duo with a Playful Propensity for Photographing Toys.
Staging Imaginative Scenes with Collectables from Childhood.

Images by GloWorm Toy Photography
Artists: Sissy Nunez & Brian Winshell 
Expertise: Photography
Additional Talents: Storytelling, Toy Making & Collecting
Materials: Vintage Toys, Props, Digital Camera, Editing Software
Style: Macro Photography from the Perspective of Toys
Inspiration: Stories of Classic Children's Toys & Characters
Subject Matter: Toys, often Vintage & with References to Pop Culture
Shop Offline: On Display at Austin Gift Company
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Austin Flea

Childhood commonly lays the foundation for an artist's calling, but it may be later down the road that all the pieces fall in to place. For Sissy Nunez, toys have always been a part of her life, from playing with them to making a living helping people find vintage collectables. She has also been an active maker with experience across a wide variety of crafts. When she and her now husband Brian Winshell met, they figured out a way to create something entirely new together that married their two areas of expertise - GloWorm Toy Photography. Sissy could take her love of toys and make creative scenes for Brian to photograph. They often get fully immersed in building dioramas to tell a story with their photos. Brian is skilled at macro photography, and it shows in how well he can shoot from the perspective of the toys and capture lots of detail even in the tiniest of setups. These two clearly have a passion for toys and pop culture in the way they make clever references to the backgrounds of their favorite characters. You could get lost in the little worlds where they place their toys. We all have an inner child, and not all of us are willing to nurture that side. Thanks to GloWorm Toy Photography, you can let your art show cherished elements of your childhood and cater to your imagination. Anything from Star Wars to Muppets to Doctor Who. It's hard to pick a favorite. Plus, as a photographer myself, I truly appreciate the level of detail they construct and capture with such skill. These two are my go to for toy photography!

Images by GloWorm Toy Photography