Thursday, July 6, 2017

Gary Anderson

Master of Mixing Media, Concepts, Time Periods & More.
Thought Inspiring Pieces Full of Detail, Texture & Meaning.

Images by Gary Anderson
Artist: Gary Anderson
Expertise: Mixed Media
Additional Talents: Photography, Textile Arts
Materials: Textiles & Fibers, Canvas, Panel, Paint, Sewing Machine & More
Style: Abstract, often Patterned Pieces of Fabric & other Media
Inspiration: Reinventing & Remixing Items with Ancient Context
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Home Base: Georgetown, TX
Spotted: Online

One of the most beautiful aspects of Mixed Media is the ability to layer for effect. The magic is in the combination of materials and the way they interact to create dimension. I mean this literally and figuratively of course. I find it so intriguing when an artist is able mix layers of meaning in the different elements of their work, and this is the basis of Gary Anderson's art. While his main media of choice is fabric, undoubtedly influenced by his talented upholsterer father, Gary uses a wide range of items and inspiration in his collection. A quick glance around his studio space will show you the diverse array of tools used to incorporate his mix of media. But that's just one layer. In talking to Gary you'll learn about the more ancient foundation he draws from. Many of his pieces are meant to look like artifacts from another time that he has brought into our modern world. You can see this not only in his media, but also his color palette and iconography. He is hoping to connect people with art at a more spiritual level in a way that cultures past did with their decorative, but also purposeful items. Many of Gary's designs are more abstract in nature, but often with using pattern that creates harmony and balance. What caught my eyes first though was the diverse textures in his work; they draw me in to examine beyond the surface layer to find meaning. Textile is ideal for tactile creations, and Gary uses this to its full advantage. Then he uses other components to tie everything together, be it stone, metal or wire,  paper, wood or some other material. Gary's contributions to the art world are not limited to this unique style. Prior to dedicating himself full time to his work, he taught art and helped inspire students, collecting several accolades for his guidance in photography and graphic design. Hats off to Gary!

Images by Gary Anderson