Thursday, July 20, 2017

Western Whims

Western Shirts & Apparel with Whimsically Patterned Fabrics.
Add Fun & Personality to Your Wardrobe with Well Fitted Flair.

Images by Western Whims
Artist: Lilia Beaman
Expertise: Textiles
Additional Talents: Fashion Design, Painting
Materials: Fun Fabrics, Thread, Sewing Machine, Pearl Snaps
Style: Playfully Patterned Fabrics in Well Tailored Fits
Inspiration: Tradition of Western Shirts, but with More Whimsy
Common Creations: Western Shirts, Dresses, Wallets, Infinity Scarves
Shop Online: Western Shirts
Shop Offline: Upcoming Pop Ups
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Violet Crown Festival

If you want to be really successful in the marketplace, find a void you can fill. For Lilia Beaman, it was the lack of choices for women among classic designs like western pearl snap shirts that motivated her to start her own line. What began as a hobby ended up being a unique niche and an opportunity to share her own vision for fashion. Now she offers a wonderful collection of tops for me and women, dresses, wallets and more under the fitting moniker, Western Whims. Flair plus a touch of sophistication is so authentically Austin. When starting a new piece, Lilia thinks first in terms of silhouettes as any good garment designer should. She strives to create pieces that are both comfortable and timelessly flattering. Trends come and go, but Lilia is focused on fits that never go out of style. She then finds fabrics that will work best with the particular outline. Lilia is drawn more to whimsical patterns, from classic florals to those with playful personality. She has no desire to play it safe with plain fabrics. There are already plenty of those shirts mass-made. It's the way Lilia picks and pairs colors and patterns that makes her shirts and dresses unique. Plus, they are all handmade, so they are truly one-of-a-kind. Lilia happily accepts custom requests as well if you need a piece that suits you. I can say from first hand experience how wonderful and whimsical Lilia's designs are. She drew me in with the colors and motifs, but turned me in to a happy customer with a really flattering fit. Her bicycle print dress for example is so comfortable and makes me feel adorable. Thanks Western Whims!

Images by Western Whims