Thursday, November 2, 2017

Alicia Philley

Austin Painter Crazy for Colors & Amazingly Abstract.
Painting to Communicate Key Emotions Without Words.

Images by Alicia Philley
Artist: Alicia Philley
Expertise: Painting
Additional Talents: Sculpture, Writing
Materials: Acrylic Paint, Paint Brushes, Canvas, Tape
Style: Abstract Mixes of Bold Colors & Lines
Inspiration: Emotions, both Everyday & Extraordinary
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted: Online

Austin based painter Alicia Philley was introduced to art at an early age, watching her grandmother at the easel while she herself played with a variety of media. Professionally, Alicia pursed a career in writing, but she found herself drawn back to painting as a way to express herself without words. I find it fascinating that she has created her own visual language for communicating emotion. Painting has become a way for Alicia to work through important feelings and share them with others. Of course, she welcomes each person's interpretation as a natural part of abstract art. Alicia's pieces share a recognizable style even with her very intuitive, one at a time process. You can see a preference for bright colors, often complementary shades for more contrast between the hues. She works with straight and curving lines, creating interest in how the two interact. Alicia works with acrylic so she can add layers upon layers without having to wait a long time for coats to dry. I imagine painting is somewhat meditative for her as she works through the emotions she wants to depict with each brush stroke. What's next for Alicia is a new passion project taking her visual language and translating it into sculptures. She's working with painted lines and resin. I look forward to seeing how this concept for outdoor installations comes together. Alicia's paintings pop with so much color, they make me feel joyful. I would be part of the fun in creating pieces in Alicia's style is comparing her emotional inspiration with what viewers see and feel. Just as each painting is an evolution, I wonder how Alicia's style will continue to develop as she furthers her career in art!

Images by Alicia Philley