Thursday, November 30, 2017

Linger Bath & Body

Bath Goods Made With Only the Essentials & Essential Oils.
Clean, Refreshing Feelings from Soap With Clean Ingredients.

Images by Linger Bath & Body
Artist: Amber Bass Patterson
Expertise: Artisan Soaps
Additional Talents: Scent Mixing
Materials: Natural Palm, Coconut & Olive Oils, Essential Oils, Herbs
Style: Cold Process Soaps with Vegan Ingredients
Inspiration: Amazing, Clean Feeling from Simple Recipes
Common Creations: Soap Bars, Shaped Soaps, Bath Bombs, Lip Balms
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Home Base: Dripping Springs, TX
Spotted At: Guero's Art Spot

Every time I research makers of artisan bath and beauty goods, no matter how different their recipes or approach, I always find the same inspiration – all natural ingredients simply feel better. Amber Bass Patterson of Linger Soaps found her way into business for the same reason. When she first started making soaps, she immediately noticed softer skin with a much simpler beauty routine. It wasn't long before she started experimenting with all of the different beauty goods she could make and share with friends and family. Amber is focused on cold process soaps that come together based on chemistry (as opposed to melt and pour). From what I can tell, it takes a lot of mixing to arrive at the right combinations, and Amber is an expert at wonderful scents! I never get tired of discovering new soap makers because they all have their own unique recipes. Amber is passionate about making use of all the good things nature gives us instead of synthetics. She is also careful about keeping her products vegan, recognizing that animal based ingredients are not necessary. I love that she can hold true to her personal values in her business. One of the magical factors of essential oils is the infinite blending options! Amber makes some goodies reminiscent of baked treats and others harnessing naturally soothing elements. Amber's bouquet of aromas is sweet and satisfying! I highly recommend taking a whiff of her collection when you get the chance!

Images by Linger Bath & Body