Thursday, December 14, 2017

Slow Fuse Photography

Warm & Vibrant Urban & Landscape Fine Art Photography.
Self Taught Photographer Sharing Her View of Austin, TX.

Images by Slow Fuse Photography
Artist: Anna Mallam
Expertise: Photography
Additional Talents: Scientific Research
Materials: Digital Camera, Editing Software
Style: Vibrant, Colorful Fine Art Photography, Some More Abstract
Inspiration: Creative Ways to Capture the World Around Us
Subject Matter: Austin Buildings & Landmarks, Landscapes, Travel
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Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Cherrywood Art Fair

Digital technology has revolutionized photography, allowing for instant feedback, giving everyone access to shoot and offering a wide variety of options for processing images. While all of that sounds great, it also means that producing truly fine art photography is more challenging. How does one avoid taking the same picture everyone else has taken? How do you develop your own style? Consider Anna Mallam of Slow Fuse Photography. Her background is in Biology, but she has found a creative outlet in capturing one-of-a-kind images of her world through a very rosy lens. By that, I'm referring to the warm and vibrant color palette that is her signature. There are many aspects of her work that create a unified collection, but the most striking is how she reproduces color. Pretty much all of her shots includes these rich, warm tones, whether it's a cityscape or a landscape. I love how easy that makes it to mix and match your favorite images from her body of work. When you see all of her prints together, and it's hard to pick just one; you need a set! As a photographer, I also really appreciate her use of depth of field to add a fine art touch. She is not just showing the world as our eyes see it. She is using technology to literally and figuratively focus our attention on certain aspects. This technique can abstract parts of the images, but for very powerful effect. I realize I'm biased since we share a chosen medium, but that also makes me more picky. I am in awe of Anna's work and love seeing my favorite city through her lens!

Images by Slow Fuse Photography