Thursday, December 21, 2017

Victrola Design

Hand Printed Home & Paper Goods Made in Austin.
Whimsical Illustrations Thoughtfully Screen Printed.

Images by Victrola Design
Artist: Victoria Corbett
Expertise: Printmaking
Additional Talents: Design, Illustration
Materials: Silkscreens, Ink, Paper, Fabric
Style: Whimsical Interpretations of Flora & Fauna
Inspiration: Love of Nature & Connecting with the Environment
Subject Matter: Plants, Animals, Repeating Patterns
Common Creations: Notecards, Prints, Dish Towels, Pillows
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Blue Genie Christmas Bazaar
If you have an idea for a beautiful illustration, why wouldn't you find a way to replicate it? As a creative business owner, it's more efficient to create a design that can be used again and again, even if each one is still handmade. That's exactly what screen printing makes possible, and Victoria Corbett of Victrola Design has a lovely way of producing prints on all kinds of useful home goods. Victoria starts with a hand illustrated design, most often inspired by nature – flowers, cactus, animals, birds. Some of her designs are more minimalistic so they can be used in a repeating pattern, but she also does a beautiful job with intricate details. She then makes her silkscreens to hand print each piece. Thanks to the versatility of screen printing, she can work with paper, fabric and more. Her collection includes notecards with whimsical designs, dish towels and pillows with favorites from nature, and fine art prints. I love seeing how she takes one color per screen and layers the same pattern on top of each other, often a little offset for effect. She's also been playing with layering different patterns that complement one another. The use of just a few colors helps keep the elements separate, but related. They really pop with the few choice colors! Depending on the time of year, you'll find special seasonal motifs that make for a very thoughtful gift or note for someone special. Every time I see Victoria, she has new options in her characteristic style! Handmade home goods done right!

Images by Victrola Design