Thursday, February 1, 2018

Crafting Exposure

Photographer & Marketer with a Passion for All Things Artsy.
Helping Artists Capture & Share Their Work with the World.

Artists: Mandala Jewels, Kristen Saksa Juen, Terri's Glass Creations, Bonnie Brushwood & Mary Winsett
Artist: Annie Winsett (Me)
Expertise: Photography
Additional Talents: Marketing, Teaching, Collecting
Materials: Digital Camera, Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop, Studio Equipment, Props
Style: Clean, Well Lit Photography Highlighting Craftsmanship & Skill
Inspiration: Love of the Arts & Desire to Put Skills to Use for the Good of Artists
Subject Matter: Fine Arts & Crafts of All Kinds; Pretty Much Anything Handmade
Common Creations: Jury & Booth Photos, Headshots & Portraits
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Home Base: Austin, TX

Happy one year anniversary to my business! I didn't know I would become an entrepreneur when I first fell in love with the arts, but what an amazing journey. For those of you I haven't met, my name is Annie Winsett, and I was raised taking pictures, working on craft projects and enjoying art in many forms. I have a very active and creative Right brain, but interestingly enough, I'm also quite analytical and hyper-organized, i.e. Left brained. It's a constant balancing act, but as I've come to realize, it's also a blessing. The Left side of my brain initially led me to pursue Advertising as a career, but my Right brain felt under appreciated. Where was the Art and Creativity that energized me? So I decided to start this blog you are reading now to feature weekly profiles of local artists (now up to 200+), and it gave me an excuse to spend time focusing on an area I love. Slowly but surely, as my involvement in the Austin Art community grew, I started to see new ways I could apply my skills to better serve the creative individuals around me: Photography, Writing, Research, Communication, Networking, but why should this be just something I do in my free time? A little over a year ago today, I decided it was time to craft my own role that allowed me to use all of my skills and passions. After lots of research, brainstorming and conversations with some of my favorite people here in Austin, Artists, I came up with the idea of Crafting Exposure: a business built on Photography services for Artists with Marketing Consulting to help share what makes them unique. I am now thrilled to offer customized support to creative people looking to make their artistic and handmade business a success. If this sounds like you, let's connect. Thank you for being a part of my journey!

Photography by Annie Winsett