Thursday, March 15, 2018

Katie Made That

Thoughtfully Designed Lines & Illustrated Details Mixed to Perfection.
Inspired by Geometry & Typography As Well As Filigree & Flora.

Images by Katie Made That
Artist: Katie Johnson
Expertise: Illustration
Additional Talents: Graphic Design, Paper Goods, Laser Cutting
Materials: Pen, Paper, Design Software, Printer, Colored & Metallic Ink
Style: Geometric Lines, Artful Typography & Detailed Ornamentation
Inspiration: Power of Patterns, Range of Design Traditions & Aesthetics
Subject Matter: Nature, Geometry, Quotes, Patterns
Common Creations: Art Prints, Notecards, Jewelry, Tea Towels
Shop Online: Art Prints
Shop Offline: Events Announced on Social Media
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]  [Pinterest]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Renegade Craft Fair

The first thing I noticed when I met Katie Johnson of Katie Made That was how beautifully she executed detailed designs that at the same time felt wonderfully minimalist. Quite a juxtaposition, I know, and that’s why her work is so eye catching. Part illustrator, part graphic designer, Katie produces artwork that ranges from geometric and Art Deco inspired to hand lettering with more organic embellishment. All of her work shares a crisp clean quality that really pleases someone like me who needs order. Many of her designs start at as a sketch, especially the artfully illustrated quotes. Katie’s goal is to produce art that people are proud to display as an expression of themselves. This is quite literal when it comes to her pieces with statements and quotes, but it also rings true for the purely design based prints. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard pattern described as an expressive medium, but that’s very accurate. There’s a lot you can convey with the look and feel of a design. Many of Katie’s ideas are inspired by vintage aesthetics that she then makes modern with her technique, from Art Deco and Art Nouveaux to Moorish architecture and Moroccan tile. I'm especially a fan of the pieces using metallic ink because they make a wonderful accent for any room! Choose from notecards, fire art prints, large screen printed posters and even now some laser cut jewelry. When she’s not working on her own art, Katie can be found encouraging young artists through endeavors like The Monster Project where she connects professional artists with kids to bring their drawings to life. Follow Katie on Instagram to see both her sketches of works in progress and beautiful completed pieces. I’ve always wished my hand could reproduce what I see in my head, but thankfully there are artists like Katie who have that covered, and what an incredibly unique design style she has!

Images by Katie Made That