Thursday, April 5, 2018

Diane Sandlin Studios

Expressionist Paintings Depicting Intangible Concepts Abstractly.
Colorful Contemporary Work with Layers of Media & Meaning.

Artist: Diane Sandlin
Expertise: Mixed Media
Additional Talents: Painting, Fiber Art
Materials: Paint, Canvas, Ink, Fabric, Wood, Brushes, Palette Knives & More
Style: Abstract, Contemporary Multi-Layered Mixed Media
Inspiration: Observations, Conversations, Poetry, Music, Travel & Culture
Subject Matter: Abstract Concepts
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Austin ArtSpace

Do poems require words? Not if you're a contemporary expressionist artist like Diane Sandlin who aims to create visual poems with her work. Each piece is the product of thoughtful consideration and layers of media, from paint to ink to various textures. Diane made her transition into art later in life as she felt called to do something more expressive with her talents. She spent several years working with textiles and fiber arts, but has found mixed media to be the best option for sharing her inspiration and vision. She describes her artistic process as physical and intuitive. Each piece comes to life over time as she applies each layer. It's almost as if the meanings she wants to convey reveal themselves through the combination of steps. Each of her works is different in the media, tools and time it takes to come together. Some involve mainly paint applied with conventional tools like brushes and palette knives, while others incorporate a range of textures, inks and unusual tools. The common thread in Diane's work is her color palette and the sense that they want to tell you something. I am personally drawn to the texture and movement created by her unique style. I'm a big fan of being able to perceive the artist's actions applying each stroke and line. The layers of color and media create dimension that make you want to dig deeper into the meaning. Diane's titles give you further guidance on the sentiment she imbued in the work, while still allowing you the chance to interpret them as you wish. You can find Diane's colorful and thoughtful work at local gallery Austin Artspace.

Photography by Annie Winsett of Crafting Exposure