Thursday, April 19, 2018

Marilyn Rea Nasky

Peacefully Painted & Very Inviting Representations of Mother Nature.
Beautiful Surroundings Interpreted Through Meditative Brush Strokes.

Artwork by Marilyn Rea Nasky
Artist: Marilyn Rea Nasky
Expertise: Painting
Additional Talents: Watercolor, Sketching, Mixed Media, Teaching
Materials: Watercolor, Acrylic Paint, Oils, Pencil, Paper, Canvas, Brushes
Style: Artfully Interpreted Nature, Full of Feeling
Inspiration: Beautiful Natural Surroundings
Subject Matter: Nature, Landscapes, Trees, the Moon, Abstracts
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Home Base: Austin, TX | Denver, CO
Spotted At: WEST Austin Studio Tour

Some of us decide to be artists and seek out beauty to depict. Others of us get really lucky in being surrounded by amazing sights begging to be used in art. For local painter Marilyn Rea Nasky, inspiration has been all around her much of her life, and as such, she feels that art found her, not the other way around. Growing up in several different states in the west, she was blessed with lots of great landscapes to explore and admire. You'll see a solid trend of nature in her subject matter, from trees to mountains to botanicals. Her goal is to capture Mother Nature's beauty and express what she sees through a style she has deemed "Feelism." Her works are not geared towards realistic representation, but rather her interpretation about the sentiments inspired by nature. She finds painting to be a meditative process, whether she's working with watercolor, acrylic, oils or mixed media. Marilyn hopes that her audience will find a calming serenity in her scenes just as she does in the process of painting them. I think that's part of what I love most about Marilyn's work. Her pieces are very inviting, pulling me in for a quite moment by myself and enjoy the work as much as the sights they are based on. This is especially true of her moonlit tree series. Marilyn got her start teaching art and dedicated many years to fostering young creatives. Now retired from that phase in her art career, she focuses full time on her own work. Thanks to the subject matter she seems born to represent, Marilyn gets to spend lots of time in nature, living part of the year in Austin (with our wonderful surrounding hill country) and part in Colorado. Be sure to stop by Austin Artspace to experience her paintings in person and get a taste of the way she sees the natural world.

Artwork by Marilyn Rea Nasky