Thursday, May 24, 2018

NEA Fine Arts

Beautiful, Colorful Childhood Memories, Preserved & Shared.
Capturing Culture with Mixed Media, Paint & Embellishments.

Images by NEA Fine Arts
Artist: Nancy Espinal Argueta
Expertise: Mixed Media
Additional Talents: Painting
Materials: Oil & Acrylic Paint, Brushes, Canvas, Fabric, Beads, Decor
Style: Colorful, Some More Traditional & Others Modern
Inspiration: Memories of Childhood in Honduras
Subject Matter: People & Life in her Culture, Dancers, Nature
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Sunset Valley Artfest

There's something about art with multiple layers that really speaks to me. Most artists incorporate figurative layers, and yet, I can't help but love pieces with literal layers like the mixed media art of Nancy Espinal Argueta. Nancy is a skilled, self taught painter that works in oils and acrylics depending on the piece. She depicts beautiful scenes with rich colors, often featuring people with stories to tell. What first caught my eye about her work however, were the additional embellishments that complete her compositions. Some of her portraits have beads added to the character's clothing or actual fabric for the skirt. Others have wood and natural elements to make up the scene. I just can't get over how she expertly chooses what to paint and what to build out of textural details. It gives her work more life, even those pieces already full of culture and childhood memories. While she also does a lovely job painting nature scenes and lively dancers, I am personally most drawn to the more nostalgic work. She moved to the US in the early 2000's from her hometown in Honduras, but you can clearly see her love for that time and place in her life. I'm sad that political unrest has torn her away from where she grew up, but what a pleasure to have her in Austin giving us a look at her unique vision of that time through paintings and mixed media! Thank you Nancy for your colorful, sweet, culturally rich memories, shared with each stroke!

Images by NEA Fine Arts