Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fetching Fido Fotography

Precious Pet Portraits Posed with Personality.
Bold Colors & Happy Pet Memories Preserved.

Images by Fetching Fido
Artist: Jane Nogin
Expertise: Photography
Additional Talents: Philanthropy
Materials: Camera, Colored Backdrops, Dog Treats, Editing Software
Style: Bold & Beautiful Studio Portraits
Inspiration: Sharing an Animal's Personality
Subject Matter: Dogs, Cats & Other Animals
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Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Austin Pet Expo

I should start this post admitting that I am biased - there's very little I love more than animals or photography, the perfect marriage that Fetching Fido brings together. With that said, I can say objectively that the owner Jane Nogin is a very talented photographer, both in studio and on location. Jane is passionate about protecting animals and supporting local rescue efforts. She's turned this love into a creative career using her eye for composition and skill with a camera. While she books a lot of portrait sessions with dogs, she has experience with a wide range of animals, as she puts it - "furry, finned or feathered." Her characteristic style involves boldly colored backgrounds and very smile staging, often without any props. This allows her to focus on the beauty and personality of each animal while the pop of color in the background frames each portrait. She is very adept at capturing expressive moments and moves. It's not easy getting an animal to follow directions, but somehow she always gets good shots. What a joy it must be to have her job, photographing precious faces all day long. Jane also donates her time to help animals find owners by supporting rescues and donating proceeds from special mini sessions. I could flip through her gallery all day and never get bored. I love finding local photographers with unique styles and strong skills. If you have a fur baby to immortalize in bright, living color, book a session with Jane!

Images by Fetching Fido