Thursday, August 23, 2018

Yarn Paintings

Practicing an Ancient Artistic Tradition with a Modern Twist.
Meticulous Rows of Yarn “Painted” on Like Brush Strokes.

Images by April Sullivan
Artist: April Sullivan
Expertise: Textile / Fiber Arts
Additional Talents: Illustration, Painting, Mentorship
Materials: Colored Yarn, Adhesive, Illustration Board
Style: Updated Interpretation of Huichol Technique
Inspiration: Beauty in the World
Subject Matter: Flora & Fauna, Memories
Shop Online: [Etsy]
Shop Offline:  Events Announced on Social Media
Social Media: [Facebook]  [Instagram]
Home Base: Austin, TX
Spotted At: Chula League’s Little Artist BIG ARTIST

Have you heard anyone mention that there are no more new ideas in art? I whole heartedly disagree as I’m sure most of my audience does too, and local artist April Sullivan of Yarn Paintings is an ideal example of someone taking an old tradition and making into something new and noteworthy. Yarn painting as a technique originated with an indigenous group in Mexico called the Huichol. This group has been making their folk art for centuries and continues to do so today. What April has done is translate this style of creating compositions with colored yarn into her own form of meditative and expressive art. Can you imagine the patience and focus it takes to careful place each string in a pattern to make different shapes? I'm impressed with how there are no gaps. It's as if she actually painted with the yarn to cover her canvas. Your eye can follow each thread around and around as the different forms come together. Take a step back and you'll see the colorful piece, be it an animal or beautiful scene in nature. April found her way to Austin to study at UT, and very quickly changed her major to art history to allow herself to explore and enjoy all different media. When she learned about Mexican indigenous art, she fell in love, and that's how she came to create her own style of yarn painting. Now she balances her time between supporting the Art community in Austin and making her own art. I really admire the time she gives to help mentor young artists. She is a great role model and a marvelous Austin artist worth checking out.

Images by April Sullivan